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Books about making sustainable cities

  1. Inclusive Transportation by ,

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    Transportation planners, engineers, and policymakers in the US face the monumental task of righting the wrongs of their predecessors while …

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    As heard in The War on Cars

  2. Road to Nowhere by 

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    Road to Nowhere exposes the problems with Silicon Valley’s visions of the future and argues that we cannot allow ourselves …

  3. Movement by 

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    Our dependence on cars is damaging our health — and the planet’s. Movement asks radical questions about how we approach …

  4. Emergent Tokyo by ,

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    This book examines the urban fabric of contemporary Tokyo as a valuable demonstration of permeable, inclusive, and adaptive urban patterns …

  5. Two Wheels Good by 

    4 stars

    A panoramic revisionist portrait of the nineteenth-century invention that is transforming the twenty-first-century world

    “The real feat of this book …

  6. Arbitrary Lines by 

    No rating

    What if scrapping one flawed policy could bring US cities closer to addressing debilitating housing shortages, stunted growth and innovation, …

  7. Radical Suburbs by 

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    “Radical Suburbs is a revelation. Amanda Kolson Hurley will open your eyes to the wide diversity and rich history of …

  8. Building the Cycling City by ,

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    "In car-clogged urban areas across the world, the humble bicycle is enjoying a second life as a legitimate form of …

  9. Curbing Traffic by ,

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    In 2019, mobility experts Melissa and Chris Bruntlett began a new adventure in Delft in the Netherlands. They had packed …

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