Nerves and Their Endings (2022, Scribe Publications) 5 stars

A timely and arresting collection of essays about the body, climate change, privilege, and environmental …

Full of thoughts that stayed with me for the weeks that followed

5 stars

I started writing book notes on my blog about the book but ended up writing anything but an actual review. This being a collection of essays centred around climate collapse, one of the themes in my post was that over the years I had a sliver of an idea lodged in my brain. Usually not something that made me stop in my tracks and reconsider a bunch of things immediately, but rather a little nagging thought that came back over the weeks that followed. Until ultimately I changed my behaviour to align it better with my values and the impact I want to have on this world.

I am sure this book has managed to do exactly that. Some of it will result in me examining another way in which my behaviour has a negative impact, hopefully leading to a change in my behaviour at some point down the line.